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Ruine Lauksburg

Wispertal, 65391 Lorch

The Lauksburg castle ruins are located outside the "Rheingauer Gebück". Lauksburg Castle is privately owned and was granted by Archbishop Konrad III of Mainz to Kuno von Scharfenstein and Adam von Allendorf in 1424.

If you follow the Wisper, from the mouth of the Rhine near Lorch, upstream, you will reach Lauksburg Castle. Lying on a spur, the complex belonging to the Electorate of Mainz protected the Lauksmühle (the town’s mill) and blocked the valley at a strategically convenient position. The Wisper Valley was the important entry from the northern interior to the city of Lorch in the Middle Ages and therefore of major significance. As there has been no evidence up to today that the three-storey keep once reinforced defensive fortifications, and in addition, its only slightly elevated position represented no great hurdle for attackers, the castle complex probably served primarily to protect the mill located below.

Ruine Lauksburg

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65391 Lorch Wispertal
Ruine Lauksburg
65391 Lorch

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