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Municipality of Waldesch

Rhenser Straße 5, 56323 Waldesch

There, where the northern foothills of the Hunsrück push into the Rhine-Moselle-Triangle, lies the municipality Waldesch, surrounded by the extensive Koblenzer, Rhenser, Boppard and Dieblicher groves.

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Waldesch - Idyllically situated in the triangle between the German Corner, where the Moselle and Rhine rivers meet, and the two charming river valleys. Rural in character, yet centrally located, Waldesch offers proximity to the city of Koblenz and convenient transportation links. Near the village, in the district "Lehnung", there is said to have existed an important hostel for passing Roman merchants and legionaries, and traces of Roman settlements (country houses-villae rusticae-Mercury temples) can be found in the immediate vicinity in the Koblenz city forest.

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Municipality of Waldesch

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56323 Waldesch Rhenser Straße 5
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Rhenser Straße 5
56323 Waldesch

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