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Münzbrunnen am Salhofplatz

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The coin fountain invites you to linger at Salhofplatz.

In the heart of the city, on Salhofplatz, between the historic Hexenturm (witches' tower) and the Stadthalle (town hall), directly below the ramparts of the city wall, is the Lahnstein coin fountain. It was completed in 1981 and handed over to the city of Lahnstein in 1982 (donated by the Volksbank Lahnstein).

Its basalt basin is embedded in a niche of the city wall. The reliefs of cast aluminium and the gargoyle were created by Hans K. Liss from Lahnstein. At the front side of the fountain is the coat of arms of the city of Lahnstein, which has been valid since 1970. In front left are front and back of the Lahnstein gold ducat, front right front and back of the Lahnstein white penny, also called Albus. Both coin rarities were found near Mainz in 1882 and aroused the interest of the local press even then. They were minted in the Martinsschloss zu Lahnstein under the Archbishop of Mainz, Adolf von Nassau (14th century).

On the right and left are two Roman coins (ca. 240 A.D.), which come from a coin treasure found in Lahnstein in 1972. At that time, more than 150 well-preserved Roman silver coins were found during excavation work in the Weierchen. The coins depict the emperors Hadrian and Constantinus (originals approx. 20-25 mm diameter, enlarged replicas at the well 330 mm diameter).

In 1999 the coin fountain was given a new look. After it had been "sitting on dry land" for years, the decision was made to rebuild it. For this purpose a metal plate was adapted in the fountain, on which three basalt balls and two basalt columns were mounted. Inside the fountain basin a grid was installed and filled with river pebbles. The former surrounding flower trough was converted into a seat.


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Münzbrunnen am Salhofplatz

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