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Marienkapelle am Karmelenberg

Karmelenberg, 56220 Bassenheim

The historic Lady Chapel on the 373 m high Karmelenberg is a centre of attraction for many people. Built in 1662, the sacred gem was acquired by the municipality in 1992 and subsequently renovated to preserve it for posterity. Visitors from faraway countries are not uncommon. In the meantime, the Marian shrine has gained a good reputation as a wedding chapel. If you are interested in a guided tour or would like to use this special gem for your wedding, please contact the Friends of the Shrine or the community

On 26 September 1688, the Lady Chapel was consecrated on the Karmelenberg. Anna Magdalena von Waldbott-Bassenheim had the building constructed. The foundation is seen as a manifestation of her personal faith. The Capuchin priests Magnus and Matthias von Saarburg are named as master builders. Construction began in 1662. The model for the construction of the chapel and the name of the mountain was provided by the Lady Chapel on Mount Carmel in the Holy Land, the place where the prophet Elijah is said to have overcome the priests of Baal.

The Lady Chapel was extensively restored in the mid-1990s and has shone in its former glory since 1998. It is the oldest baroque church in the Koblenz area.

Marienkapelle am Karmelenberg

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56220 Bassenheim Karmelenberg
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56220 Bassenheim

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