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Kinderheilwald Lahnstein

Am Tennispark 1, 56112 Lahnstein

At the 21 stations, children are supported in their health development through play: Searching, running, climbing, balancing, throwing, conscious breathing, listening, smelling, feeling and touching stimulate all the senses. The free movement in the forest promotes concentration and attention, creativity, motor skills, coordination and mental abilities.

Light and shade, a special low-germ air, the scent of wood, moss and damp earth as well as the rustling of leaves, birdsong and a soothing silence - the Lahnstein spa and healing forest has a broad health-promoting effect with its positive characteristics.

In September 2021, a separate area for children was completed, the children's healing forest.

At 21 different stations, the children can run, climb, balance, search and experience; all senses are addressed and concentration and attention, creativity, motor and coordination skills as well as mental abilities are strengthened in the process. The experience of peace and mindfulness is also possible again and again.

The forest elf Till is a companion and helper everywhere: he shows the children what to do at the individual stations. This way, the children can try things out for themselves right away and need little or no guidance from the "grown-ups", which also boosts their self-confidence.
Whether it's throwing at targets, balancing or climbing stations - far away from mobile phones and the like, the children have a lot of fun; the pendulum swing in particular is always mentioned as a highlight.

With the exception of the uphill and downhill stairs, the forest labyrinth and the mirrored walkway, the trail is also accessible with prams.
The entire circuit takes about two hours, and there are two forest toilets halfway along (at the end of the car park).

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Kinderheilwald Lahnstein

From07.02.2022 until the 07.02.2033

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56112 Lahnstein Am Tennispark 1
Kinderheilwald der Stadt Lahnstein
Am Tennispark 1
56112 Lahnstein


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