Borromeo Chapel

Kapellenweg, 53498 Bad Breisig Rheineck

Sight in Bad Breisig.

In 1911 Albert Mertés, a hat manufacturer from cologne, built the mausoleum on Breisig´s former cemetery (1805-1966), in memory of his daughter Mimi Mertés who died very young. The mausoleum has a slate roof with a glass dome. The  panelling and the floor are made of marble. The four sarcophagi are made from blocs of tuff, which is a vulcanic rock. Albert Mertés died in 1924 in Berlin. The mausoleum was the last resting place of his daughter Mimi, his son Albert Peter, his young grandson Walter and of himself.

Borromeo Chapel

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53498 Bad Breisig Rheineck Kapellenweg
53498 Bad Breisig Rheineck

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