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An der Wernerkapelle, 55422 Bacharach

Werner Chapel Construction of the Werner Chapel, the main landmark of Bacharach, commenced in 1289 and spanned a period of 140 years. Destroyed in the War of the Grand Alliance in 1689.

This ruined, High Gothic church standing above the town, appears delicate and filigree. Work began shortly after 1287. It was erected after the murder of a boy called Werner. The Jewish community in Oberwesel were blamed for his death - an accusation which was completly unfounded. During the ensuing riots, forty people were killed. In the wake of this program a chapel was erected in Werner´s memory and people made pilgrimages to the grave of Werner who was buried there. The chapel is a well-known symbol of Rhine Romanticism.


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55422 Bacharach An der Wernerkapelle
An der Wernerkapelle
55422 Bacharach

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