Aussenansicht St. Martin | © Werner Klockner

Welterbegarten Pfarrgarten Martinskirche

Martinsberg 1, 55430 Oberwesel

  The parish garden was built by Pastor Berschens. Four rectangular lawns of equal size with paths forming a cross. The edges of the paths were planted with boxwood

The origins of the parish of St. Martin go back to the Frankish era (from the 2nd century AD onwards). Originally built as a defence tower, the mighty bell tower dominates the townscape. This is the most impressive example of Gothic ecclesiastical defence architecture in the Rhineland. The church contains some notable 16th century murals and a Madonna from the mid 15th century (High Gothic).

Aussenansicht St. Martin | © Werner Klockner
Aussenansicht mit Pfarrgarten | © Daniela Ziermann

Welterbegarten Pfarrgarten Martinskirche

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55430 Oberwesel Martinsberg 1
Pfarrkirche St. Martin
Martinsberg 1
55430 Oberwesel

Phone: (0049) 6744 94077

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