Modernes Design

Welterbegarten Degen

Johann-Baptist-Ludwig-Str. 4, 56112 Lahnstein

The Degen Garden Shows and inspires you ,how you could design your own Garden in a modern way.

Degen Urban Garden

This is a show and demonstration garden showcasing contemporary, modern design options for private gardens. Enhanced by sculptures, the garden offers visitors a sensory, cultural experience. Diverse themes are addressed in a very compact space.


Fantastic show of flowers and attractive garden architecture in the urban garden of the Degen company.

Modernes Design
Welterbegarten Degen
Welterbegarten Degen II

Welterbegarten Degen

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56112 Lahnstein Johann-Baptist-Ludwig-Str. 4
Stadtgarten Degen
Johann-Baptist-Ludwig-Str. 4
56112 Lahnstein


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