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Weingut Weingart

Peterspay 1, 56322 Spay

Hello and welcome to the winery Weingart.

Here you will find a lot of information about our winery, our wines and viticulture in the Middle Rhine region. Our small family business cultivates the best vineyards in the Middle Rhine Valley. We produce fine Riesling and Pinot Noir wines here. Many critics name them among the best in the area. Immerse yourself in the Rhine panorama of 1833 and in my imaginary world of authentic wine culture.

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Committed to the professional roots of our name WEINGART, our family has been cultivating vineyards in the steep slopes of Boppard Hamm for centuries. In the 60s, the mixed farm was restructured to pure vineyard operation. Our company has made a name for itself with award-winning, fruity Riesling wines. The Gault Millau 2000 evaluated Weingart Weingart with three grapes. Top locations: Bopparder Hamm, Ohlenberg, Feuerlay, Engelstein and almond stone Soil: Slate weathering

Verkaufswagen am Weingut | © Dominik Ketz
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Weingut Weingart

From01.04.2022 until the 31.12.2024

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56322 Spay Peterspay 1
Weingut Florian Weingart
Peterspay 1
56322 Spay

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