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Here you will find what your heart desires! From the fully ripe grapes of our sun-drenched vineyards in the Boppard Hamm we create for you wines that beguile the senses. Our offer includes both white wines as well as red wines, Winzersekt, Hefebrand and homemade jelly. Riesling, Rivaner, Pinot Blanc or Pinot Noir and Regent; from high plants to late harvest and selection to ice wine, there is something for every taste. Many gift ideas can be found here! See for yourself!

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Wines with the character of nature

The town of Spay on the double loop of the Rhine is the home of Weingut Volk. The typicality, caused by the mild climate on the Rhine and the slate soil, is the basis for exceptional wines that you should have tried once. On numerous steep slopes grow mainly Riesling grapes, but the Volk winery also grows Pinot Blanc, Rivaner, Pinot Noir and Regent. Wine growing has a long tradition in the Volk family. In past generations, in addition to wine growing, other sources of income were also relied upon. Cherries were grown and the great-grandfather worked as a pilot on the Rhine. The logo with the steering wheel, which is still used by the Volk winery today, is also derived from this activity. Today, the Volk family continues to cultivate the vineyards according to the old methods of their ancestors and combines traditional methods with new techniques in the wine cellar. In this way, unique wines with down-to-earth character are created, which are appreciated by connoisseurs. In the winery Volk wants to produce wines from which nature is reflected in a perfect way. On the steep slopes are harvested by hand and the grapes are cared for in a natural way. Only the best grapes are made into wine. In the cellar, care is taken to allow the wines to develop their original flavor, reflecting weather, soil and varietal character. No emphasis is placed on adapting the wines to current trends in terms of taste. In the expressive wines of Weingut Volk, the authentic landscape along the Rhine can be felt in every sip. These wines are an exceptional product that fascinates the wine lover with every bottle. One of the best growing sites in the Volk winery is the Fässerlay, where the vines rise in steep slopes high above the Rhine. The character of the growing site is characterized by a slate weathered soil that has little ability to store water. A soil with a high capacity to store water is found in the Feuerlay site. Both Riesling and other wine varieties find optimal conditions for good ripening in the mild climate.

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Vinothek | © Weingut Volk
Frühjahr, neuer Rebtrieb im Bopparder Hamm | © Weingut Volk
Regentlese im Weingut Volk, Ausleeren der Hotte | © Weingut Volk
Laubarbeiten im Weingut Volk, Jule Volk | © Weingut Volk

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