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Victoria Mineralbrunnen

Max-Schwarz-Straße 1, 56112 Lahnstein

Victoria Mineralbrunnen in the heart of Oberlahnstein!

The town of Lahnstein has been known for its acid wells since 1366.

Over the centuries, some dried up completely and others increased significantly in yield. At the end of the seventies of the 19th century, a well was drilled in the immediate vicinity of the Rhine by L. Best, the merchant Lesemeister and the engineer Jean Eigel from Cologne, which they named "Victoria - Brunnen". Nearby, Best drilled another well, which he called Minervabrunnen. Both were sold in 1881 to the Dutch Consul General C. G. Rommenhöller, who provided the mineral water with significant sales in Holland and Dutch India. Later, the management of the fountain was in the hands of the director J. L. Koolhoven in Oberlahnstein, who was succeeded in 1960 by Dr. E. J. Bouw. In addition to the Victoria fountain, the sister company "Rheinische Kohlensäure-Werke A.G. Oberlahnstein" operated the sale of natural spring carbonic acid. After that the company was sold to AGA-Gas, Bad Driburg, followed by the takeover by the brewery Beck & Co, Bremen in 1987.

Today's Victoria Heil- und Mineralbrunnen GmbH is managed by the managing partner Dirk Wöhner. Lahnsteiner Mineralquellen Vertriebs GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Victoria, was founded in mid-2002 and deals exclusively with the distribution of mineral waters and their lemonades. The spring is a warm (32° Celsius) alkaline-muriatic-saline acidulous spring, whose water comes from a depth of 450 m with about 1000 liters per minute. The water is characterized mainly by its large content of carbonic acid, double carbonic soda and sodium chloride. The spring dried up in 1919, 1935 and 1945, in the latter year due to the effects of war, 85% of which destroyed the facilities . The well could be restarted in all cases. Then, as now, there was a thermal swimming pool within the premises - it was intended for company employees. With many years of tradition, Victoria Heil- und Mineralbrunnen GmbH presents itself today as a modern medium-sized company.

Victoria Brunnen | © Stadt Lahnstein
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Victoria Mineralbrunnen

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Victoria Heil- und Mineralbrunnen GmbH
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