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Tourist-Information Neuwied

Luisenplatz/Marktstraße 59, 56564 Neuwied

You will find our service team right next to the new mini-train station on Luisenplatz.

Our address: Marktstraße 59 56564 Neuwied Tel: 02631/802-5555 Fax: 02631/802-5556 Mail:

Welcome to Neuwied We are delighted that you are interested in the Neuwied holiday region, which lies at the foot of the Westerwald and in the romantic Rhine Valley. And we would be delighted to welcome you here. At the tourist information centre, you will receive information about the history of the town, the numerous sights and the many opportunities for active and sporting activities in our region. We invite you to get to know the diversity of Neuwied! The team at Neuwied Tourist Information is looking forward to your visit.

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Tourist-Info im Sommer 2019
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Tourist-Information Neuwied

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56564 Neuwied Luisenplatz/Marktstraße 59
Tourist-Information Neuwied
Luisenplatz/Marktstraße 59
56564 Neuwied

Phone: (0049) 2631 8025555

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