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11:30 - 14:00

Swagat Restaurant

Koblenz-Olper-Straße 67, 56170 Bendorf

Indian cuisine in Bendorf.

Enjoy traditional and original Indian cuisine in a cosy atmosphere. Let yourself be seduced by traditional Indian dishes. The Indian dishes are prepared fresh daily for our guests with selected ingredients.

Swagat Restaurant

From22.04.2022 until the 22.04.2032

Opening hours:
Tuesday: 11:30Clock to 14:00Clock
Tuesday: 17:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Wednesday: 11:30Clock to 14:00Clock
Wednesday: 17:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Thursday: 11:30Clock to 14:00Clock
Thursday: 17:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Friday: 11:30Clock to 14:00Clock
Friday: 17:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Saturday: 17:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Sunday: 12:00Clock to 14:00Clock
Sunday: 17:00Clock to 21:30Clock

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56170 Bendorf Koblenz-Olper-Straße 67
Swagat Restaurant
Koblenz-Olper-Straße 67
56170 Bendorf

Phone: +49 26229751258
E-mail: kontakt@swagat-bendorf.de
Web: https://swagat-bendorf.de/

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