Skulptur 1 mit Weitsicht

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Skulpturenpark "FIGUR 1"

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Sculpture park "Figure 1" by Heinrich Demel stainless steel H:360 cm

The figure was made from many hundreds of stainless steel rods, which were bent and welded together to form the figurative sculpture. The appearance of the stainless steel sculpture is constantly changing due to the light of the sun, as it reflects the light over and over again. this was an essential reason for the choice of stainless steel as a material. The figure is intended to express the tranquility that the hiker experiences when he stands next to it, lets his gaze wander over the Rhine valley and the town of Oberwesel, and becomes aware that this landscape has not changed significantly over the centuries. the stainless steel material also corresponds with this constancy. At the same time, the sculpture also recalls the iron armor of the knights and thus testifies to a part of the medieval history of the Rhine Valley. Translated with (free version)

Skulptur 1 mit Weitsicht
Skulptur 1
Heinrich Demel Figur

Skulpturenpark "FIGUR 1"

From25.05.2022 until the 17.06.2032

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55430 Urbar
55430 Urbar

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