Aron Demetz: Heimat | © Helmut Reinelt

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Sculpture bank

Hans-Arp-Allee 1, 53424 Remagen-Rolandseck

On the occasion of the 2000th anniversary of the town of Remagen, the idea of a permanent art project along the banks of the Rhine was developed in cooperation with the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck. A sculpture bank with 15 works by renowned artists was realised from 2001 until today along 14 kilometres of the Rhine between Remagen-Rolandswerth and Remagen-Kripp.

Equally relaxed and active in the fresh air, you can explore the works of art on the Remagen sculpture bank by bike. The route takes you 14 km on level ground along the banks of the Rhine in Remagen, one of the most beautiful sections of the Rhine valley with views of the famous Drachenfels, the Siebengebirge or the Erpeler Ley. Guided bike tours of about 2 hours are also offered for groups, during which you will be introduced to the individual sculptures in a knowledgeable and entertaining way. If you do not have your own bike, you can rent the orange Arp bicycles designed by the artist duo SCHUH/VOLKMER.

Aron Demetz: Heimat | © Helmut Reinelt
Bittermann und Duka: geheime gärten rolandswerth | © Nic Tenwiggenhorn
Eberhard Bosslet: Regenfänger | © Dan Hummel, Stadt Remagen

Sculpture bank

From01.01.2024 until the 01.01.2033

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53424 Remagen-Rolandseck Hans-Arp-Allee 1
Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck
Hans-Arp-Allee 1
53424 Remagen-Rolandseck

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