Schweizer Haus | © Seiderer

Schweizerhaus, der Biergarten mit Rheinblick

Schweizerhaus 1-3, 55413 Trechtingshausen

Enjoy refreshing breaks or a glass of wine in between, with a unique view of the Rhine, at our Schweizerhaus.

Pack the picnic suitcase, cool and warm drinks are already waiting for you with us. You are also welcome to rent a grill from us (please register one day in advance, 1 euro per person for the gas grills). You are planning a hike, company party, a birthday or similar. Just call us at 01725751340, we are happy to plan together with you.

Schweizer Haus | © Seiderer
Blich auf Aßmannshausen | © Seiderer

Schweizerhaus, der Biergarten mit Rheinblick

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55413 Trechtingshausen Schweizerhaus 1-3
Schweizerhaus 1-3
55413 Trechtingshausen


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