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Schwaab Winery

In der Laach 93, 56072 Koblenz

60% gradient - 100% wine experience in the Koblenzer Marienberg.

At the Schwaab Winery, visitors can experience the culture of wine on the Terrassenmosel during wine tastings in the historic rock cellar, guided tours of vineyards in Koblenz's steep terraces or in sensory seminars.

The family has been cultivating vineyards in the steep terraces of Koblenz since 1890.


The foundation of the Schwaab family goes back to the winegrower Nikolaus Schwaab, who moves to Koblenz when he marries Anne Müller from Güls. While running a mill, he acquires new vineyards on the Moselle. Just a few years later, he leads the fortunes of his new home town as village head for 15 years. His commitment laid the foundation for the present location of the Schwaab winery. The family tradition with the craft of viticulture even goes back to the year 1720.


The wine house was originally founded by grandparents Josef and Therese Schwaab as a wine tavern on the Moselle. Today, Johannes, Christof Schwaab's brother, runs the wine house as a café and wine restaurant in a direct location on Koblenz's Marienberg and entertains guests from all over the world with regional and country cuisine.


The Querterrasse Konrad Schwaab is the first winegrower on the Moselle to convert the vineyards to transverse terraces, which can be driven over and increase the quality of the wines. In doing so, he follows an innovative cultivation concept from Switzerland. Due to the extreme slope, this unusual construction method requires elaborate planning and develops into a pioneering system for numerous vineyards throughout the Moselle.


The adventure winery After working for champagne houses, Christof Schwaab takes over the Schwaab winery in the tenth generation. Together with his wife Nicole, he converts it into an adventure estate, thus continuing the family tradition on the Moselle. Weinkeller Schwaab KG is founded and sells selected regional and international wines in addition to the wines from the estate's own vineyards. The wide range of wines is rounded off by high-quality gourmet articles.


The experience team is united by a passion for wine and a willingness to share new wine experiences with others. We like to walk through the vineyard, guide you through the wine cellar, tell stories, give expert advice in the vinotheque or host seminars in the wine workshop for our guests.

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Schwaab Winery

From04.01.2024 until the 04.01.2025

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56072 Koblenz In der Laach 93
Weingut Schwaab
In der Laach 93
56072 Koblenz

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