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Auf dem Schönberg 1, 55430 Oberwesel/Rhein

Visible from afar, the imposing Schönburg Castle towers over the town of Oberwesel.

It was built in the first half of the 12th century, probably by Count Palatine Hermann von Stahleck. Later the Archbishops of Trier expanded the defensive fortifications of the consolidated castle group. Among other things, the over 20-metre high shield wall as well as the extensive zwingers were constructed during this time. Despite structural interventions during the 20th century, Schönburg Castle still has a considerably sound structure, whereby the high shield wall is what stands out. Today, the complex holds a hotel with a restaurant, a Kolpinghaus (journeymen’s inn) as well as the Torturm-Museum (Gate Tower Museum). Hikers can reach Schönburg Castle via the RheinBurgenWeg trail.


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55430 Oberwesel/Rhein Auf dem Schönberg 1
Auf dem Schönberg 1
55430 Oberwesel/Rhein

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