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Schloss Monrepos

56567 Neuwied

Built as a widow’s seat for Princess Marie von Nassau in 1909. 

Now Headqua of the Archaeological Research Centre and Museum of Human Behavioural Evolution

Built by the Princes of Wied-Neuwied in the year 1757, the centrepiece of the Monrepos Palace in Neuwied has today, following a controlled burning in 1969, completely disappeared. Instead, “Villa Waldheim”, built as a widow’s seat for Princess Marie von Nassau, is now the point of interest on the grounds. The Villa, situated on the right bank of the Rhine, houses the Archaeological Research Centre and Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution. Two annexes can be visited from the outside: the former guesthouse for the Swedish Crown Prince Gustav V and the “Kitchen House”. In addition, parts of the surrounding landscape park are preserved, among them exotic trees and plants as well as individual embedded memorials.

Schloss Monrepos

From01.01.2024 until the 31.12.2024

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56567 Neuwied
Schloss Monrepos
56567 Neuwied

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