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The famous rose garden in Braubach is one of the beautyfullest:You will find there roses in every colour and shape

Rose Garden

Braubach owes its epithet “Rose Town” to Johann Dennert (1863 to 1932). As a ticket vendor for the “White Fleet” (the pleasure steamers on the Rhine) he had enough spare time to create rose beds and plant rose bushes on the overgrown riverside promenade. Today the site boasts spacious gardens with numerous rose beds. Amongst all the roses you’ll also find the World Heritage rose “Zauber der Loreley” (“Magic of the Loreley”). The extensive Rhineside park with its magnificent profusion of flowers is the perfect place to take a stroll or rest in the shade of the trees while you watch the boats go by. But it’s not only the roses that make Braubach worth visiting. Watched over by the imposing Marksburg which towers high above the town, narrow alleyways wind their way through the historical old quarter with its nooks and crannies and half-timbered houses. The home town of Kammersänger Heinrich Schlusnus offers a wonderful mixture of fine hospitality, entertainment, culture and a wide range of leisure activities.


Zauber der Loreley: you’ll find the World Heritage Rose growing here in the rose gardens on the banks of the Rhine.


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56338 Braubach Rheinanlage