Stele Brey

Rhine view Brey "R(h)ein-Blick"

Am Rhein - am Campingplatz Brey, 56321 Brey

The Rhine bank in Brey offers a place with a special quality of stay. The R(h)einstele directs your view directly to the Rhine and its great sights.

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The Rhine is the source of identity and name for the World Heritage Site. Its banks are striking attractions for residents and guests alike.
Within the settlements, the shore therefore deserves special attention. Especially because the most diverse requirements meet here:
Flood protection, quality of stay, leisure activities, cityscape design, traffic facilities, buildings for shipping, art and ecology.
The R(h)ein-Blicke project, developed from the Cultural Landscape Development Concept (KLEK), is intended to contribute to the creation of special recreation rooms in the area.
the diversity and beauty also outside the sealing structure. The locations of the R(h)ein Views invite residents as well as
visitors are also invited to linger for a moment and experience this unique cultural landscape in all its fascination.
The photos show the R(h)einstele in Brey and you are in the first row to see the Marksburg on the opposite shore, the only never-before-seen Marksburg.
destroyed hilltop castle on the Rhine.
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Stele Brey

Rhine view Brey "R(h)ein-Blick"

From08.04.2021 until the 31.12.2024

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56321 Brey Am Rhein - am Campingplatz Brey
R(h)ein-Blick in Brey
Am Rhein - am Campingplatz Brey
56321 Brey

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