Rhine Gate Rhens

Am Viehtor 2, 56321 Rhens

 Above the Rheintor, which was built around 1400, the only preserved gate tower of the city fortifications was erected.

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The town wall, erected in the form of a pentagon, is to a considerable extent still about eight meters high. It had five gates (Kirchtor, Vacheor, Koblenzer Tor (not preserved), Josefstor and Rheintor, and six towers (Scharfer Turm). The Rheintor Tower is located on the wall between two residential buildings, as a 19th century engraving shows A fortunate circumstance which is probably due to the fact that the tower was not destroyed in 1689. A demolition or blasting would not have been possible without jeopardizing the adjoining houses, but in the 19th century the gate had its beautiful gothic roof Its corner turrets.
One of the two enemy raids on the city was played here on the Rhine Gate: on September 23rd, 1947, a ship with 140 Hessian soldiers arrived at the Rhine, which penetrated into the city through the Rhine Gate and took possession of these for Hessen-Kassel.

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Rhine Gate Rhens

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