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Remstecken game reserve

Wildgehege Remstecken, 56075 Koblenz

The Remstecken is a local recreation area with a wildlife park and forest eco-station.
If you drive along the Hunsrückhöhenstraße (B 327) coming from Koblenz in the direction of Waldesch, you will find the turn-off to the forest eco-station on the Remstecken after only a few minutes on the right-hand side, at the end of a long incline. The municipal nature centre is ideally located on the Remstecken in Koblenz. Situated in the middle of the city forest on the left bank of the Rhine, the Remstecken (320 m above sea level) is one of the most popular local recreation areas in the region. It is the starting point for a network of circular walks with nature trails and places of interest. For example, you can visit the beautifully landscaped farm garden at the forest eco-station, or observe and feed red, fallow, sika and wild boar at the game enclosures. A visit to the pond is also exciting, where mallards and mandarin ducks cavort alongside dragonflies, frogs and toads. Other attractions, especially for young visitors, certainly include an adventurous forest playground. Food and drink are also provided for: the restaurant opposite the nature centre invites you to eat, drink and linger. Besides the forest, the Remstecken has a variety of other habitats. Orchard meadows, hedgerows and copses as well as a highly ramified water system (springs, streams, ponds) can be easily explored and studied.

Remstecken game reserve

From24.07.2023 until the 24.07.2029

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56075 Koblenz Wildgehege Remstecken
Wildgehege Remstecken
Wildgehege Remstecken
56075 Koblenz

Phone: (0049) 0261 401579

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