Ausblick auf Koblenz | © Johannes Bruchhof

Obelisk on the Asterstein

Kolonnenweg, 56077 Koblenz

After the Second War of Unification, also called the German War, the officers of the VIII. Army Corps erected a monument to the fallen in 1869.

The obelisk, visible from afar on the left and right sides of the Rhine, was built 200 metres away from Fort Asterstein. The inscription on the base, carved in sandstone, reads: "To the comrades who fell gloriously for King and Fatherland in the campaign of 1866, erected in honourable memory by the officers of the Royal Prussian VIII Army Corps". VIII Army Corps". Today, the area near the cemetery is part of a new fortress park around Fort Asterstein and a great vantage point with a unique view of Koblenz.

Ausblick auf Koblenz | © Johannes Bruchhof
Obelisk auf dem Asterstein | © Koblenz-Touristik GmbH / Johannes Bruchhof

Obelisk on the Asterstein

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56077 Koblenz Kolonnenweg
Kriegerdenkmal auf dem Asterstein
56077 Koblenz

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