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Neuendorfer Flesche

Andernacher Straße 106, 56070 Koblenz

As part of the fortress system Feste Kaiser Franz, the Neuendorfer Flesche was built from 1820 onwards under the direction of the Prussian engineer Captain Cornely.

The former outer burial wall with its gallery and the mine corridors leading from it into the apron have been preserved underground. After completion of the Flesche in 1825, troops of two infantry regiments immediately occupied the Neuendorf Flesche. In 1911, the fortification was dismantled above ground and built over with today's Rhine barracks. The extensive underground passageways have been preserved in their old form to this day, except for a small section, and can be visited on guided tours.

Neuendorfer Flesche | © Koblenz Touristik GmbH
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Neuendorfer Flesche

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56070 Koblenz Andernacher Straße 106
Neuendorfer Flesche
Andernacher Straße 106
56070 Koblenz

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