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Mittelrhein Klettersteig Boppard

Marktplatz, Altes Rathaus, 56154 Boppard

Middle Rhine Rock Climb

It is here, on the largest bend on the Rhine and in the most scenic part of the Rhine, that the town of Boppard, in collaboration with members of the Koblenz section of the German Alpine Associaton, has created a challenge for climbers which is unique for this region: the Middle Rhine Rock Climb

The view wanders over the wine terraces of the Bopparder Hamm, follows the large loop of the Rhine with the eye and looks down into the valley with respect and a certain tingling in the limbs.

The Mittelrhein via ferrata has been leading to dizzy heights since 2006 and offers a very unusual Rhine experience with a certain shot of adrenaline. It is the sporty variant of the Rhine Castle Hiking Trail on the left bank of the Rhine and requires not only physical fitness, sure-footedness and good shoes, but also hikers with a head for heights. If you meet the requirements, the via ferrata will reward you with an unforgettable experience. The assembly of 10 ladders, 130 step bars and approx. 180 meters of wire rope was necessary to enable hikers to enjoy this special climbing experience in the Rhine Valley. Steep rock faces alternate with secured areas and often lead to narrow paths with abysses opening up in front of them. Sophisticated Rhine experience from a bird's eye view at the gates of the city.

Climb the via ferrata at your own risk! Embark on an aerial adventure far away from the Alps! Let your tour end comfortably, stop off at one of the many restaurants or wine bars and enjoy a top-class wine from the sunny locations of the Bopparder Hamm. With financial support from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.61 > 576 Arrival / Parking: The starting point of the tour is St. Remigius Square (with parking). the B 9 at the entrance to the Mühltal (northern town exit, towards Koblenz).

Coming from the A 61 (exit Boppard/Buchholz) you can get there via the L 209 to Boppard. In the city center, follow the signs to Koblenz. From the south (coming from Bingen) stay on the B 9 to the starting point. The distance to the Boppard main station is approx. 1,000 m; the closest public bus stop is directly at St.-Remigius-Platz. Difficulties: It is a demanding tour that can only be done with hiking boots should be.

In addition, there is a head for heights and sure-footedness necessary. Via ferrata equipment is required for children and the inexperienced. The total walking time is about 2.5 to 3 hours. Rental climbing equipment: ARAL petrol station - Koblenzer Straße - upon presentation of your identity card Rental fee: €28 per piece of equipment (€8 fee, €20 deposit) Additional Information: Tourist Information Boppard | Market Square (Old Town Hall) Phone: 06742-3888 | Fax: 06742-81402 |

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Mittelrhein Klettersteig | © Achim Weiler
Klettersteig | © Achim Weiler
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Mittelrhein Klettersteig Boppard

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56154 Boppard Marktplatz, Altes Rathaus
Tourist Information Boppard
Marktplatz, Altes Rathaus
56154 Boppard

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