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Maximilian zu Wied Denkmal

Theaterplatz, 56564 Neuwied

Monument in honour of Prince Maximilian zu Wied. As one of the greatest naturalists, he collected important findings about Indian tribes on his North American journey (1832-1834). Also on the monument, the Swiss draughtsman and engraver Karl Bodmer as a companion and the Indian chief Mato Tope.
In front of the Palace Theatre is the monument to the naturalist and ethnologist Prince Maximilian zu Wied (1782-1867), the painter Carl Bodmer and an Indian chief. "Prince Max" travelled with Bodmer through large parts of the "New World". His research reports are still considered standard scientific work today, his travel reports provided background information about the "Wild West", which Karl May, among others, used for his "Winnetou" novels.

Maximilian zu Wied Denkmal

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56564 Neuwied Theaterplatz
Maximilian zu Wied Denkmal
56564 Neuwied

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