Martinskapelle und Heinrich Schlusnus Denkmal

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St. Martin' chapel

The former parish church of St. Martin, also called St. Martin's Chapel, is the oldest church in Braubach and today's cemetery chapel. It was first mentioned around the year 1000 as one of the churches of the St. Kastor Abbey in Koblenz; in 1242 it was dedicated to St. Martin. The interior shows, among other things, Gothic wall paintings from the 14th century. Anna Elisabeth von Pfalz-Simmern (1559-1609) had the church expanded at the end of the 16th century as the court church of her widow's residence in Philippsburg Castle in Braubach. The chapel is located near the Rhine in the southeast of the town with a beautiful view of the Rhine. Access to the site is possible via the street An der Alten Burg.

Heinrich Schlusnus Monument

In the cemetery at the Martinskapelle, an honorary grave and monument commemorate the famous opera and concert singer Heinrich Schlusnus (1888-1952), who was born and raised in Braubach. Schlusnus gained an international reputation as a Verdi interpreter and was one of the most important German Lied singers. Of 514 recordings, nearly 400 are devoted to lieder singing. In 1917 he was appointed as a lyric baritone at the Royal Court Opera in Berlin, now the State Opera. Schlusnus remained a member of this company for 28 years. Guest engagements took Schlusnus to the USA, Canada, France, England, Italy, South Africa and the Bayreuth Festival, among other places. Translated with (free version)

Martinskapelle und Heinrich Schlusnus Denkmal

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