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Vorplatz Mariendom, Agrippastraße, 56626 Andernach

St. Mary's Cathedral, also known as the Church of Our Lady, is a Catholic parish church built around 1200 as a three-nave Romanesque basilica with galleries. The rich furnishings and the remarkable painting are striking.

It is not a cathedral in the ecclesiastical sense, and yet the Catholic parish church of the Assumption of Mary is one of the most beautiful Romanesque church buildings on the Middle Rhine due to its extraordinary wealth of ornamental forms and furnishings. Its four towers tower above the three-aisled basilica with its galleries and, together with the neighboring round tower, form a characteristic feature of the townscape for the whole of Andernach.

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Mariendom Vorderansicht
Mariendom Seitenansicht


From01.01.2022 until the 01.01.2025

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56626 Andernach Vorplatz Mariendom, Agrippastraße
Vorplatz Mariendom, Agrippastraße
56626 Andernach

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