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An der Fähre 3, 56072 Koblenz

Hospitality and warmth are the top priorities in our restaurant. Here in Koblenz, tradition and regionality meet French craftsmanship.

Visit the LANDGANG restaurant, the all-day meeting place for hotel guests and locals. From the early evening, classic aperitifs and creative cocktail creations are served. Head chef Frank Seyfried and his team will spoil you with culinary specialities every day.


From04.01.2024 until the 01.01.2025

Opening hours:
Monday: 07:00Clock to 10:00Clock
Monday: 12:00Clock to 14:00Clock
Monday: 18:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Tuesday: 07:00Clock to 10:00Clock
Tuesday: 12:00Clock to 14:00Clock
Tuesday: 18:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Wednesday: 07:00Clock to 10:00Clock
Wednesday: 12:00Clock to 14:00Clock
Wednesday: 18:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Thursday: 07:00Clock to 10:00Clock
Thursday: 12:00Clock to 14:00Clock
Thursday: 18:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Friday: 07:00Clock to 10:00Clock
Friday: 12:00Clock to 14:00Clock
Friday: 18:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Saturday: 07:00Clock to 10:00Clock
Saturday: 12:00Clock to 14:00Clock
Saturday: 18:00Clock to 22:30Clock
Sunday: 07:00Clock to 10:00Clock
Sunday: 12:00Clock to 14:00Clock
Sunday: 18:00Clock to 22:30Clock

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56072 Koblenz An der Fähre 3
An der Fähre 3
56072 Koblenz

Phone: +49 0261 20171900
E-mail: landgang@faehr.haus
Web: https://faehr.haus/restaurant-bar/

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