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Lahneck Castle

Am Burgweg 1, 56112 Lahnstein

The castle complex, built around 1244, lies above the mouth of the Lahn into the Rhine and conveys a classic Rhine Romanticism castle view through the combination of medieval architecture with neo-Gothic expansion in the 19th century. The interior with its chapel, knights' hall, valuable paintings and furniture is well worth seeing. The castle is privately owned.

Various legends surround the castle: for example, the last twelve Knights Templar are said to have fallen here after being outlawed in the 12th century after a heroic battle. The Scottish Miss Idilia Dubb, on the other hand, is said to have tragically died of starvation on the tower in 1851.

The castle is closed on Mondays, except Easter Monday and Whit Monday.

Prices: Adults €10, children up to 14 years €5.

The guided tours take place under 3G, a tour of the tower is currently not possible due to the narrowness and lack of space. Masks are compulsory 

Lahneck Castle, built by Elector Siegfried III von Eppstein around 1244, represents one of the earliest buildings with Gothic features nationwide.

There is a trail of legends surrounding the northernmost castle of the Archbishopric of Mainz, such as that of the twelve Temple Knights, for instance, who supposedly found a refuge here and swore not to leave the castle again alive.

There is also the tragic legend of the Scottish girl Idilia Dubb, who is said to have died of thirst because of a collapsed wooden staircase. There is of course no threat of such misfortunes for the visitors to Lahneck Castle today in the 21th century.

The mediaeval-looking castle on a hill offers a true treasure trove for architecture and history enthusiast alike.

The trial of strength of the great powers can be lived and breathed again at this strategic spot at the mouth of the Lahn River - Lahneck Castle once served to secure the silver mines as well as the border to the Archbishopric of Trier.

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Lahneck Castle

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56112 Lahnstein Am Burgweg 1
Burg Lahneck
Am Burgweg 1
56112 Lahnstein

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