Feuerwehr Weisel 4

Kleines Feuerwehrmuseum

Honiggasse, 56348 Weisel

Visit only with advance reservation: Benjamin Kappus, Wehrführer Feuerwehr Weisel 06774/9189020

Anyone who sees the hand-operated pump from 1882 or the historic hose cart in the "Small Fire Department Museum" in Weisel knows that even though the work of the firefighters was almost exclusively limited to extinguishing fires, this did not necessarily make the task any easier. The Weisel Volunteer Fire Department keeps the memory of those old times alive with its collection.

Kleines Feuerwehrmuseum

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56348 Weisel Honiggasse
Freiwillige Feuerwehr Weisel
56348 Weisel

Phone: (0049)6774 9189020
E-mail: wehrfuehrer@feuerwehr-weisel.de
Web: http://www.feuerwehr-weisel.de

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