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Former city gate on the Rhine  

The Kihrstor is located in the Rhine area and is the only city gate of the Oberlahnsteiner city fortifications that is still preserved today. It is located in the Brunnenstraße in Oberlahnstein. The city gate represents a part of the square gate tower, which was built of quarry stone masonry and is 15 meters high. The tower has a crenellated wreath and stair towers. It protected the bridge in front of it. The tower was built higher when the city was attacked by Count Michel von Wertheim in 1436.

It was inhabited in 1791 by a poor woman for two guilders per year. After a storm destroyed the apartment, she was forced to move out. The Kihrstor was integrated into a railroad underpass when the railroad was built in 1862. The city wall is 203 m long and serves as a railroad embankment. The tower is marked with flood marks from the years 1882 to 1995. The word Kihrstor could be derived from the word church, as there is a hospital chapel nearby, which was mentioned as early as 1330. Today the Deutsche Bahn AG is the owner of the tower.


Kihrstor Lahnstein | © Stadt Lahnstein
Kihrstor Lahnstein 2 | © Stadt Lahnstein
Kihrstor Lahnstein 3 | © Stadt Lahnstein


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56112 Lahnstein Ende der Brunnenstraße
Ende der Brunnenstraße
56112 Lahnstein

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