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Historischer Garten

Kirchstraße/Hochstraße/Merowingerplatz, 56626 Andernach

The "Historic Garden" offers a showcase of historic horticultural culture while emphasizing on-site excavations.
The "Historical Garden" near the city center between Kirchstrasse, Hochstrasse and Merowinger Platz was opened in October 2019 and is freely accessible to visitors. In the middle of the densely populated core city, the green area offers an idea of the historical horticultural culture while emphasizing the historical excavations. With regard to the selection of plants, specific use is made of species and varieties that were already available at the time of the Romans and in the Middle Ages.
Historischer Garten | © Andernach.net GmbH
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Historischer Garten

From01.01.2022 until the 01.01.2025

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56626 Andernach Kirchstraße/Hochstraße/Merowingerplatz
Historischer Garten
56626 Andernach

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