Kirchgasse 4, 55413 Trechtingshausen

The former school and town hall at Kirchgasse 4 is now home to the local history museum.

The late baroque crippled hipped roof building was erected in the years 1763-65. Until 1911, the building served as a school and until 1923 as the town hall. Today, the local history and local history association of Trechtingshausen runs the local museum there. The exhibition gives an insight into life and work in the region and presents exhibits on viticulture and agriculture, tourism and living, shipping and handicrafts. The local museum is open from April to October on every second Sunday afternoon.


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55413 Trechtingshausen Kirchgasse 4
Heimatmuseum Trechtingshausen
Kirchgasse 4
55413 Trechtingshausen

Phone: (0049) 6721 6175
E-mail: og.trechtingshausen@trths.de
Web: http://trechtingshausen.de

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