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Half-timbered houses in Spay

Koblenzer Straße 20, 56322 Spay

Spay is one of the villages with the most half-timbered houses in the whole Middle Rhine Valley. The most beautiful ones are located on the Rhine front as well as in the Zehnthof - and Dorfstraße. The multitude of mostly two-story residential houses, surrounded by farm buildings and often picturesquely grouped together, are from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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The timbers are arranged in order of ancient signs. Often one finds the incomplete St. Andrew's cross, the rhombus, and the sun. In addition there are house speeches, house signs and others, also biblical representations. But they also show bay windows, Zwerchhäuser, support beams of the crippled tusker, among which not infrequently a face looks out, lovingly carved and painted brightly. A special expression of the baroque joie de vivre and imagination is the love for extensions, turrets and lace. Baroque jewelry feeling correspond to the various curved Strebeholzer the framework with their noses. A walk through this picturesque place with a subsequent visit to a wine bar is always worthwhile. Spayer winemakers produce top wines in the Boppard Hamm. Source: community Spay, Dehio red. Edit S.G.

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Half-timbered houses in Spay

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56322 Spay Koblenzer Straße 20
Ortsgemeinde Spay
Koblenzer Straße 20
56322 Spay

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