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10:00 - 17:00

Garten der Schmetterlinge Schloss Sayn

Im Fürstlichen Schlosspark, 56170 Bendorf-Sayn

From the beginning of March to the end of November, you can experience the fairy tale of a thousand and one butterfly amidst orchids and banana trees in the tropical magic world.

Filigree butterflies from all tropical regions of the world, babbling brooks and exotic plants whisk visitors away into a colorful magical world in the historical setting of the Sayn Cultural Park, not far from the Sayn Castle.

Garten der Schmetterlinge Schloss Sayn

From15.03.2024 until the 30.09.2024

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56170 Bendorf-Sayn Im Fürstlichen Schlosspark
Fürsten Schloss und Schmetterlinge Sayn
Im Fürstlichen Schlosspark
56170 Bendorf-Sayn

Phone: (0049) 2622 15478

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