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14:00 - 18:00

Fashion & Art Café Calla Beatrice

Biergasse 18, 53498 Bad Breisig

Small fashion and art café near the Rhine.

The versatile boutique Calla Beatrice was awarded as one of 141 favorite cafés in Germany.
The boutique offers plenty of space to browse and try on. The fashion assortment for ladies includes not only blouses, tunics, T-shirts, sweaters, scarves, pants, tights and shoes, but also a wide selection of bags and jewelry - everything with that "special something".
Visitors can additionally - or just - linger over a delicious coffee and enjoy homemade cakes.
From cakes to small delicious snacks to small dishes, the café also offers Italian chocolates and fancy teas in beautiful packaging as a gift idea. Art lovers also have the opportunity to purchase the paintings displayed on the walls. In summer, food and drinks are also served outdoors.

Small celebrations such as birthday breakfasts, class reunions, funeral services or the like for up to 20 people are arranged and organized for you in style and with love (prior reservation requested).
For larger breakfast groups of 8 people or more, prior reservation is also requested.

Calla Beatrice Schaufenster | © Tourist-Information Bad Breisig
Calla Beatrice | © Calla Beatrice
Calla Beatrice innen | © Calla Beatrice
Auszeichnung | © Calla Beatrice

Fashion & Art Café Calla Beatrice

From18.02.2019 until the 31.12.2025

Opening hours:
Wednesday: 14:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Thursday: 14:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Friday: 14:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Saturday: 14:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Sunday: 14:00Clock to 18:00Clock

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53498 Bad Breisig Biergasse 18
Mode- & Kunstcafé Calla Beatrice
Biergasse 18
53498 Bad Breisig

Phone: (0049) 4755776

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