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Ehemalige Synagoge in Rhens

Langstraße 9, 56321 Rhens

The house at Langstraße 9 in Rhens, built in 1668, was later converted into a synagogue and thus served as a house of prayer for the Jewish community in the town of Rhens from 1832 to 1938.

It is currently a private residence, and there is a commemorative plaque on the building.

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Initially, there was a prayer room or a first synagogue (mentioned in 1808). In 1827, it was learned that the building was in a dilapidated state and that a new synagogue was to be planned. In the following years, the ten Jewish families at that time were able to build a new synagogue, although they lived in very simple, sometimes poor conditions. The synagogue was built and consecrated in 1832. An older house - a stately building with a hipped mansard roof dating from 1668 - was converted into a synagogue (the door lintel dated the building to 1668). Financing was arranged, among other things, by renting out the synagogue spaces. During the November pogrom in 1938, the synagogue was desecrated and demolished by SA men and Hitler boys. Ugly scenes took place: ritual utensils such as the Hanukkah chandelier were stolen and carried around in derision. A Torah scroll was attached to a wagon (the Jewish community's hearse) in such a way that it was unrolled during the journey. SA men trampled on the unwound part, set fire to the Torah scroll and rolled it with the cart to the Rhine. The synagogue building, however, remained intact and was later converted into a residential building.


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Ehemalige Synagoge in Rhens

From01.01.2021 until the 31.12.2025

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56321 Rhens Langstraße 9
Ehemalige Synagoge
Langstraße 9
56321 Rhens


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