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Café Hoefer

Zehnerstr., 53498 Bad Breisig

Café Hoefer is located in the food store EDEKA and is directly at the central parking area.
We offer tasty cakes, various types of café, freshly baked rolls and hearty snacks.

"You can recognize a good baker by his good bread".
Clemens Hoefer knew this almost 100 years ago. And nothing has changed to this day. A claim that provides daily motivation for the work of our company. And the result can be "tasted". Well-tried house recipes, the careful selection of the best raw materials and ingredients, special production processes and - very important - the unmistakable taste in harmony with healthy nutrition. These are principles to which the Hoefer bakery has remained true over a long and successful company history. ... and that since 1909.

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Café Hoefer

From17.11.2023 until the 31.12.2025

Opening hours:
Saturday: 07:00Clock to 20:00Clock

From18.02.2019 until the 31.12.2025

Opening hours:
Monday: 06:30Clock to 20:00Clock
Tuesday: 06:30Clock to 20:00Clock
Wednesday: 06:30Clock to 20:00Clock
Thursday: 06:30Clock to 20:00Clock
Sunday: 07:30Clock to 11:30Clock

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53498 Bad Breisig Zehnerstr.
Café Hoefer
53498 Bad Breisig

Phone: (0049) 02633 8394
Web: https://www.baeckerei-hoefer.de/

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