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Burg Sterrenberg

Zu den Burgen 2, 56341 Kamp-Bornhofen

Together with its neighbouring castle Liebenstein, Sterrenberg Castle bears the name "Enemy Brothers".

Sterrenberg Castle must be one of the oldest castle complexes on the Middle Rhine: its bergfried came into being at the end of the 12th century at the latest. Alongside its altar, Sterrenburg Castle also features two successive shield walls as a special feature. The outer wall is even stronger and higher than the inner one and clearly directed against the neighbouring Liebenstein Castle. The distinctive problems of the changing ownership relationship in the Middle Rhine are visible in these two, at one time bitterly hostile, castle complexes. For in the Middle Ages, various rulers’ territories often lay directly next to each other in this area. A fair amount of the hostility of princes, counts or abbots manifested itself in the strongholds securing these territories. According to the saga of the “Enemy brothers”, it was brothers in the case of Sterrenberg Castle as with Liebenstein Castle who built the well-fortified complexes in strife. Rather than family strife, today’s visitor can expect a castle with premises for functions, holiday apartments as well as a café and restaurant.

Burg Sterrenberg

From10.06.2020 until the 29.10.2030

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56341 Kamp-Bornhofen Zu den Burgen 2
Burg Sterrenberg
Zu den Burgen 2
56341 Kamp-Bornhofen

Phone: (0049)2627 9820

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