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Bingen-Rüdesheimer Schifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH

Rheinkai 10, 55411 Bingen

Bingen-Rüdesheimer Schifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH

The Bingen-Rüdesheimer with it´s 7 sailing ships - 4 passenger ships and 3 ferries - is one of the main passenger shipping companies on the Rhine.

2, 3 or 5 hour trips around the Binger Loch, past the Mäuseturm, the Ehrenfels ruin, the castle Rheinstein and Reichenstein, to St. Goarshausen, Kaub and Bacharach were and still are included in the timetable.

Our ships are bookable for great events like Rhine in Flames or for private events on the Rhine e.g. weddings, birthdays, company events and much more.

A registration/booking at least 7 days in advance is necessary!


Bingen-Rüdesheimer Schifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH

From01.01.2023 until the 31.12.2025

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Monday: 08:00Clock to 16:00Clock
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55411 Bingen Rheinkai 10
Bingen-Rüdesheimer Schifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH
Rheinkai 10
55411 Bingen

Phone: (0049) 6721 308080
E-mail: info@bingen-ruedesheimer.de
Web: https://www.bingen-ruedesheimer.de

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