Bäckerei Nelles

06:30 - 19:00

Bäckerei Nelles

Asbacher Straße 4, 53545 Linz am Rhein

Traditional family business with its own handicraft bakery and a passion for baked goods

Nelles - The Bakery Manufactory Bakery

Nelles is a medium-sized, traditional family business. Since the founding of the handicraft bakery, the best baked goods have been freshly made every day from selected ingredients, according to our own recipes and with a lot of creativity. In the branch at EDEKA Fett in Linz you will find a large selection of bread, rolls and sweet delicacies. The cozy café with outdoor terrace invites you to linger and enjoy. Treat yourself to a break with the café specialties, sandwiches, a crunchy snack or a piece of cake.

Also there for you on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bäckerei Nelles

From13.05.2019 until the 31.12.2050

Opening hours:
Monday: 06:30Clock to 19:00Clock
Tuesday: 06:30Clock to 19:00Clock
Wednesday: 06:30Clock to 19:00Clock
Thursday: 06:30Clock to 19:00Clock
Friday: 06:30Clock to 19:00Clock
Saturday: 07:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Sunday: 07:00Clock to 18:00Clock

Um diesen Inhalt zu sehen müssen Sie den Drittanbieter Cookies zustimmen.

53545 Linz am Rhein Asbacher Straße 4
Bäckerei Nelles
Asbacher Straße 4
53545 Linz am Rhein

Phone: (0049) 2644 8091869
E-mail: info@nelles-backmanufaktur.de
Web: http://www.die-backmanufaktur.de

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