Aussicht | © Marco Rothbrust

Aussichtspunkt Weinberg Breyer Hämmchen

Brey, 56321 Brey

Aussichtspunkt Weinberg Breyer Hämmchen

The viewpoint at the vineyard Breyer Hämmchen offers a wonderful view of the Rhine Valley and the Marksburg Castle opposite. Hikers can reach the vantage point on the hiking trails Traumpfad Rheingoldbogen, Panoramaweg Brey, Kulturweg and the long-distance hiking trails RheinBurgenWeg and Linksrheinsicher Jakobsweg. Binoculars packed, sturdy shoes on, picnic in the backpack and out you go: The wine brotherhood has set up a great table-bench combination as well as a reclining bench on site in 2022. The place is very close to nature in the forest and invites you to rest and linger.

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Aussicht | © Marco Rothbrust
Schaukel und Tisch | © TI Erlebnis Rheinbogen
Schaukel und die Marksburg | © TI Erlebnis Rheinbogen
Liegebank | © TI Erlebnis Rheinbogen

Aussichtspunkt Weinberg Breyer Hämmchen

From03.03.2022 until the 31.12.2025

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56321 Brey Brey
Weinberg Breyer Hämmchen
56321 Brey


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