Astudin's Haus | © Stadt Lahnstein


Gymnasialstraße 11, 56112 Lahnstein

Former residence of the painter Nicolai von Astudin

The Russian landscape painter Nikolai of Astudin (1847 -1925) lived with his wife in Lahnstein for a few years. After his training in Paris and years of traveling with stops in Munich, Berlin, Finland, Italy and Kassel, he married the animal painter Johanna Meinecke from Braubach. Astudin moved with her to Lahnstein in 1912 an in 1915 built a house with a studio at Gymnasialstreet 11, where he lived until his death.

The painter became famous for his views of the Rhine from Mainz to Cologne, which where also published as picture postcards, leoporellos and as reprints in Souvenir allbums for Rhine tourismus. Astudin's paintings are now largely in private hands. His tombstone is now next to that of his wife in the Braubacherstreet cemetery.

Astudin's Haus | © Stadt Lahnstein
Bild von Astudin | © Quelle Wickipedia


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56112 Lahnstein Gymnasialstraße 11
Astudin's Haus
Gymnasialstraße 11
56112 Lahnstein


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