RheinSteig trail rangers

The rangers of the RheinSteig.

21 hard-working trail rangers look after the RheinSteig. Coordinated by our trail manager, Marion Gutberlet, they walk their section of the RheinSteig twice every year.

They renew markings, cut back overgrown branches, remove litter and deal with or report other problems. In the event of a serious problem the rangers may have to turn out at short notice. They ensure that the quality of the RheinSteig is maintained and that walkers cannot lose their way.

Our rangers also look after the paths that access the RheinSteig, which we cannot show for reasons of clarity.

Areas for which trail rangers are responsible

Trail Manager
Marion Gutberlet

Marion Gutberlet
Qualification: German engineering diploma in
spatial and environmental planning

Trail Manager Marion Gutberlet has been part of the RheinSteig from the beginning:

  • Route discussions
  • Signage inventory
  • Trail ranger
  • Information pillars