Speed hiking

An athletic form of walking.

Speed hiking is an athletic form of walking but is very different from the more familiar trail running. It involves walking fast over open country with poles and lightweight equipment. It offers a varied physical challenge combined with an intense experience of the natural environment.

The individual components of this sport are not themselves new, but they way their elements are combined and put into practice is innovative.

Speed hiking is thus a sport that draws on the direction our society is taking and the zeitgeist: healthy, close to nature, ranging from relaxed to high-performance, from soothing to challenging, varied and to be enjoyed by all our senses.

It can also be enjoyed as a standalone sport and is accessible to people of all ages. The incentives are the trail as a challenge in itself and individual target times.

Speed hiking equipment: Poles for stability and for an upper-body workout. Very lightweight footwear with innovative sole technology for maximum safety. A lightweight, comfortable rucksack completes the equipment and offers space for provisions and foul-weather clothing.

Information on speed hiking

  • A workout for the cardiovascular system
  • Strengthens the muscles of the legs, trunk and upper body
  • Improves coordination and balance by prolonged walking on uneven surfaces
  • Offers an intensive encounter with the natural world
  • Is fun...
  • well having a positive effect on the body and being a purely physical challenge

Suitable sections of the RheinSteig for speed hiking

We have put together three RheinSteig walks of varying lengths and difficulty that are very suitable for speed hiking.

Rheinbrohl – Leutesdorf
Type: Intensive, short distance
Category: medium
Fitness level: medium
Distance: 12,6 km
„Normal walking time“ (speed hiker time): around 3 hours 30 mins (-30%)
St. Goarshausen – Kaub
Type: Day-long hike
Category: Extreme
Fitness level: Good
Distance: 22,8 km
„Normal walking time“ (speed hiker time): around 6 hours 30 mins (- 30 %)
Königswinter – Linz
Type: Day hike (long)
Category: Extreme
Fitness level: Good
Distance: 34,8 km
„Normal walking time“ (speed hiker time): around 11 hours (-30%)