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The RheinSteig is perfectly linked from all over the Rhine Valley. The cruise boats travelling up and down the Rhine and a closely linked network of stations, bus routes and car parking for hikers offer many starting points, tour options, short trips and combinations.

It is equally possible to enjoy a relaxed day trip as a hike of several days between the Rheingau, Loreley and Siebengebirge. Almost every town or village in the Rhine valley has a rail link with regular services. This makes one-day stages of the RheinSteig easy by walking from station to the next and then making the short journey by train back to your starting point. For a more leisurely option with lovely views, take one of the Köln-Düsseldorfer Rheinschiffahrt boats whose regular scheduled services call at many of the towns and villages along the river.

Getting around locally

Here is a schedule of transport connections with river cruises, ferries and tourist trains in the Rhine Valley.