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Rheinstrasse 29a, 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein

The guided tour for individual guests through the Asbach Visitor´s Center is only available in German.Guided tours for prebooked groups are also available in English and French.

This tour is only available in German!

During the guided tour through the Asbach Centre in Rüdesheim the big secret will be revealed on how the spirit of wine turns into an outstanding brandy known as the famous Asbach Uralt. In an entertaining and informative image film you will experience exciting detailsabout the enterprise and the emergence of the trade mark.

The secret about the high quality of the Asbach products lies in the unique manufactoring process which you will get to know during the knowledgeable guidance. During a tasting of two brandys and a liqueur you can convince yourself of the products high quality.

The guided tour starts at 10.00 o´clock and takes approximately 1 hour.

Meeting point: Shortly before the tour begins in front of the Asbach Visitors Centre in the Ingelheimer Straße, Rüdesheim.

For those who don´t drink alcohol:
You are welcome to take part on the guided tour and you will recieve an alcohol free drink. For preparation please register in advance.

Important information:
Due to the current situation the guests are obliged to wear a face mask. When seated for the film and during the tasting it is allowed to remove the mask. For the tour a data aquisition is necessary.

Public Asbach tour in the morning - Only in German language

65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein Rheinstrasse 29a
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